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Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting

The BSRC Fleming Flow Cytometry Facility provides investigators with support for flow cytometric analysis and operator-based cell sorting. The facility is equipped with flow cytometric analyzers capable for up to 8-colour analysis and high-throughput applications as well as a cell-sorting unit. Its personnel offers maintenance of the instruments, assistance on instrument usage, experimental design depending upon the researcher's knowledge and requirements, experimental troubleshooting and running of cell sorting experiments.
The services provided include:


Flow Cytometry

Multicolour cell population immunophenotyping, multiplex Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) analysis of soluble proteins, functional assays


  • identification of cellular and molecular perturbations during phenotyping or disease modelling using cells in biological fluids (e.g. blood/sera) or tissues

  • protein biomarker detection

  • detection of surface and soluble protein markers

  • functional assays such as cell death and cell proliferation analysis



Cell Sorting

Isolation of Cellular subsets for high-throughput experiments and in vitro assays are offered



Contact Us


+30 210 8979628




Operational Manager
Sofia Grammenoudi

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