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INFRAFRONTIER.GR aims to create a critical mass of complementary, interdisciplinary expertise that will increase Greek competitiveness and explore new directions in the field of translational medicine. 

The three partners that form the initial nucleus of INFRAFRONTIER.GR and have complementary, state-of-the-art expertise and the technological platforms that form the Infrastructure:



These are leading institutions in the field of Biomedical Science in Greece and have a long standing expertise in the development, characterization and exploitation of animal models of disease. They provide facilities, highly trained personnel and technological know-how in many cutting edge technologies, such as transgenesis, genomics, proteomics, histopathology, PET and MRI imaging, in vivo imaging, bioinformatics and others and currently run the largest animal house units in Greece. The partners participate and coordinate a large number of competitive national, European and international research programs based on animal models.


In the next phase of development (“Phenotypos” phase, 2015-2020) InfrafrontierGR RI aims to increase its critical mass and technologies as well as providing access to a standardized discovery pipeline for a broad range of socio-economically important diseases. To meet these goals, three additional partners have been strategically selected to complement existing capacities and enhance regional access to services. These include the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens represented by the Faculty of Medicine (UoA-Med), the Biology-Biochemistry lab of the Faculty of Nursing (UoA-NBB) and the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics of the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH-MBG).

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