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Mutant Mouse Generation

Transgenic mice are produced upon request via state-of-the-art genome manipulation techniques. The services result in the generation of mice carrying an inserted cassette in their genome, obligatory or conditional knock-out as well as knock-in mutant mice.
BSRC Alexander Fleming’s Transgenic Facility, is a facility of reference with a great record of transgenic lines produced.  Despite the difficulty of the procedures, the percentage of successful projects is over 90%. The Facility is certified with ISO 9001:2000.
Pronuclear microinjection of DNA constructs

The Facility produces transgenic mice by microinjecting into the pronuclei of zygotes DNA construct provided by an investigator. Α minimum of 3 transgenic founders will be delivered for every construct injected.

Gene targeting of embryonic stem cells (ESC)


The Facility produces mutated pluripotent embryonic stem cells (ESC) clones by electroporation with the targeting construct provided by the investigator. The embryonic stem cells lines we use for targeting are of the 129ola or C57bl/6 genetic background, and they have a record of successful germline transmission in our facility.

Blastocyst Injections of mutated ESC clones

The Facility produces chimeras by injecting targeted ES cells into mouse blastocysts.The ES cells may be prepared by the investigator, an external unit or our Facility.

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