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Behavioral Phenotyping

The BSRC PhenoClinic offers standardized behavioral phenotyping services for the detection of behavioral patterns in mouse models. Our phenotyping unit is equipped with state-of-the-
art equipment from Ugo Basile to provide both primary and advanced behavioral
The services provided include:


  • Exploratory behavior and general locomotor activity (Open field, Y maze)

  • Motor coordination (Rotarod)

  • Motor and neuromuscular function (Grip strength)

  • Anxiety (Elevated plus maze, Open field)

  • Pain sensitivity (Hot/Cold plate, Tail flick)

  • Working memory (Y maze)

  • Learning and Memory (Fear conditioning, Passive/Active avoidance)


Contact Us


+30 210 8979628




Operational Manager
Makis Skoulakis

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