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3rd LAS Core Modules Course

Mouse archiving and distribution


Services are provided by Fleming's CryoUnit and include storage, archiving and transportation of mutant strains through embryo rederivation, cryopreservation and recovery of mouse embryo and sperm. The Unit is the National node of the European Mutant Mouse Archive (EMMA) since 2009 and all services are provided in accordance with EMMA standards and protocols.

Mouse phenotyping


InfrafrontierGR offers standardized, high-quality mouse phenotyping services including histopathology, flow cytometry, cell sorting, confocal, PET/CT and micro-CT imaging, endoscopy, genomics and proteomics services. Services offered are disease oriented and focus on models of chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer, however it is envisioned that neurological/ cognitive, cardiovascular and metabolic phenotyping pipelines will soon be introduced.

Mouse mutant generation 



Fleming's Transgenics facility offers state-of-the-art genome manipulation services for the generation of transgenic mice carrying a disrupted or mutated specific genetic locus or an inserted cassette in their genome. Services include embryonic stem cell gene targeting, blastocyst injection, chimera production, germline transmission, DNA microinjection in the pronucleus, generation of founders.

Mouse hosting



InfrafrontierGR's Animal house offers mouse husbandry, housing and shipment services to the biomedical research community. The facility is registered under the Veterinary Authority of the Prefecture of Attica and has an updated Operations License for Breeding, Use and Supply of laboratory mice. Mice are maintained and reproduced under optimal conditions that ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

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Apr 6, 2022


3rd LAS Core Modules Course

Feb 8, 2022


InfrafrontierGR Infrastructure | Info WEBINAR

TUESDAY | 22 February, 2022 | 10:00 – 14:30

Apr 8, 2021


2nd LAS Core Modules Course (Webinar) - July 01-02, 2021

Course objectives

Dec 16, 2020


Trans-national Access Call: COVID-19 Therapeutics Pipeline



INFRAFRONTIER-GR is the Greek node of the large-scale ESFRI research infrastructure Infrafrontier: The European Infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes. INFRAFRONTIER-GR provides a sustainable, open access pan-Hellenic Research Infrastructure (RI) that aims to increase local competitiveness in translational medicine via the generation, distribution and disease-oriented phenotyping of mutant mouse genomes. Since 2009, INFRAFRONTIER-GR coordinator Fleming is also a full member of INFRAFRONTIER's archiving node, the European Mutant Mouse Archive (EMMA), a major European biomedical repository that provides collection, archiving and distribution services of mutant mouse strains to the biomedical research community.

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