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INFRAFRONTIER-I3 | Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Training Course

INFRAFRONTIER-I3 | Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Training Course

INFRAFRONTIER, the European Research Infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes, offers an excellent training opportunity in mouse metabolic phenotyping. The course will be run by the German Mouse Clinic (GMC) based at the Helmholtz Centre Munich, and will cover state of the art phenotyping assays used in the energy metabolism, diabetes, clinical chemistry and pathology screens of the GMC. All assays are routinely applied in systemic phenotyping projects of the GMC, and in part also in the phenotyping pipeline of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC). The course will be run by highly experienced scientists of the GMC, and involve presentations and extensive discussions of assays, experimental design and data analyses.

Course content

Day 1 / October 10th / starting at 12.00

- German Mouse Clinic phenotyping pipelines, INFRAFRONTIER
- Glucose metabolism, glucose tolerance test
- Clamp technologies

Day 2 / October 11th

- Metabolic phenotyping
- Clinical chemistry / liver enzymes
- Pathology and histological analyses
- Tour of German Mouse Clinic

Day 3 / October 12th

- Phenotyping pipeline design
- Data analysis, statistics
- Liver spectroscopy, Maldi mass spectrometry
- Breath gas analysis
- Metabolomics
- Tour of Helmholtz Genome Analysis Centre (GAC)

Day 4 / October 13th / ending at 17.00

- Pigs as animal models for metabolic research
- Indirect calorimetry
- Human respirometry

Learning objectives

- The 4-day course is intending to give participants a comprehensive overview of state of the art technologies and approaches in mouse metabolic phenotyping

- phenotyping data analysesA strong focus will be on experimental design and

Prospective attendees

Course level will be at MS, PhD and Postdoc level. No prior experience with metabolic phenotyping required


The training course is limited to a total of 10 participants

Cost: 500€ covering course materials, accommodation, coffee breaks, lunch and course dinner (but excluding travel cost)

Accommodation for course participants has been arranged in the Kurfürst Hotel close to the meeting venue,

Registration deadline: September 16th, 2016

Registration: A registration form can be downloaded from the INFRAFRONTIER portal at

Contact for further enquiries and submission of applications:

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