INFRAFRONTIER.GR partners provide the highest standards in mouse model creation, housing and archiving as well as phenotyping services

In order to ensure the highest quality of services in every aspect (robust quality-control production processes, substantial time and cost saving and thorough consultancy), individual services are provided by well trained and experienced personnel within the INFRAFRONTIER.GR network.  
Mutant Mouse Creation


Transgenic mice are produced upon request via state-of-the-art genome manipulation techniques. The services result in the generation of mice carrying an inserted cassette in their genome, obligatory or conditional knock-out as well as knock-in mutant mice.



Mouse Phenotyping

The services provided are of the highest standards through a comprehensive panel of mouse phenotyping tests, relying on standardized and highly customized protocols. Assay applications address most biological functions and cover the main therapeutic areas, including mutant mouse characterization, validation of drug effect(s), or produce biologically relevant data in early drug discovery.


Mouse Hosting


Live mice are bred, housed and shipped in and out of the Animal House Facilities of B.S.R.C. Alexander Fleming, according to researcher and service requirements. Mice are maintained and reproduced under standardized conditions that ensure the highest standards of hygiene.


Mouse Archiving and Distribution


Archiving services are provided by the CryoUnit at BSRC “Alexander Fleming” which reassures the maintenance, revival and transportation of mutant strains through embryo rederivation, cryopreservation and recovery of mouse embryo and sperm.



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