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InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos Research Infrastructure
Trans-regional Phenotyping Call - June 2020

Free-of-charge mouse phenotyping services

Context and aim of the Call

InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos ( is the Greek Research Infrastructure for the Molecular, Behavioral and Phenotypic Analysis of Mouse Models for Human Chronic Degenerative Diseases. The infrastructure provides access to first-class expertise and tools for biomedical research, offering cutting edge technological platforms and standardized pipelines for disease-oriented mouse phenotyping, as well as the generation, archiving and distribution of mouse mutants through the Greek node of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA).

​The objective of this Call is to provide free access to state-of-the-art mouse phenotyping platforms to the Greek biomedical research community, including standardized and customized assays used to monitor disease parameters and elucidate the molecular and genetic basis of pathologic processes involved in chronic degenerative diseases. Four (4) phenotyping projects will be supported through this Call.

​InfrafrontierGR services offered through this Call include:
- Live imaging assays (colonoscopy, X-ray/bone density, bioluminescence imaging)
- MicroCT imaging assays
- Blood Analysis assays and Cell sorting
- Histology assays

Call information and application form
For more information, including eligibility criteria, selection procedure and call application form please see the Full Call text below.

Deadline for submissions: 15/09/2020.

Full Call text
Trans-Regional Access (TA) activity of the InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos project
Free of charge mouse model development service

Τhe InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos project ( supports eligible researchers with free-of-charge mouse phenotyping services implemented as a Trans-regional Access activity. A total of four (4) projects will be supported through this Call, one (1) project per assay type (i.e. 1 live imaging project, 1 microCT project, 1 blood analysis or cell sorting project, 1 histopathology project). Free access will be granted on the basis of scientific excellence and supports the development and in-depth characterization of mouse models to investigate gene function and human pathophysiology.

The services offered will be run by BSRC Fleming’s InfrafrontierGR Units and may involve one of the following assays:

1) Live imaging assays (Fleming mouse facilities)
- Colonoscopy assay for colitis/colorectal cancer mouse model assessment
- X-rays and bone density assays for osteoporosis/arthritis mouse model assessment
- Luminol bioluminescence imaging assay for acute inflammation assessment (arthritis, enteritis)
- Lucigenin bioluminescence imaging for chronic inflammation assessment (arthritis, enteritis)

2) Micro CT imaging assays
- Trabecular mouse femur analysis and 3D imaging
- Cortical mouse femur analysis and 3D imaging
- Calcaneus mouse bone analysis and 3D imaging

3) Blood Analysis assays and Cell sorting
- Complete Mouse Blood Count
- Biochemical analysis of mouse serum/plasma
- Basic Immunophenotyping of mouse blood
- Cell Sorting

4) Histology assays
- Standard mouse tissue processing for FFPE block generation
- Histology slide preparation
- Automated Hematoxylin/Eosin (H/E) slide staining and covering
- Multiple histochemical staining’s (Masson Trichrome, Luxol Fast Blue, Periodic Acid Schiff)

A collaboration agreement will be established between the selected applicants and BSRC Fleming.
All assays will be performed based on InfrafrontierGR Standard Operating Procedures.

Results will be made available to selected applicants within a maximum of 6 months following the provision of all required information and material.

The analyzed mouse models and the generated phenotyping data will be made available to the scientific community. Upon request, an optional grace period of up to 1 year for phenotyping data may apply, with the immediate release of data after the expiry of the grace period.


Access to the InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos mouse phenotyping services under this Call is free of charge, with the exception of shipment costs of the mouse mutant lines or other material to/from BSRC Fleming, which must be covered by the applicant.

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