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INFRAFRONTIER2020 Project | Trans-national Access call - June 2019

BIOMEDCODE provides access to an induced secondary phenotyping screen under acute or more chronic inflammatory conditions. While primary phenotyping of mutant mouse lines can provide useful information on the involvement of genes in physiology, often their role in pathology can be only revealed when studied in a disease context or following a pathogenic trigger. Such a trigger can be for example inflammation, which has been implicated in a number of pathologic conditions. To uncover gene function in pathologic processes we offer a specialised phenotyping screen under inflammatory conditions. The proposed screen involves the phenotypic analysis of mutant animals combined with one acute and one chronic inflammatory model. The user’s research interests, the nature of the mutated gene and the strain of the mutant animal under investigation will dictate the selection of the most appropriate combination of one acute and one chronic model, to provide the most informative customized output for the user. Through this secondary screening of mutants under inflammatory and disease conditions, the user will be able to uncover the role of their mutant of interest in pathologic conditions.

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