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INFRAFRONTIER Training Course Mouse blood and lymphatic vessels phenotyping
Barcelona, November 17th - 20th 2014

The aim of this INFRAFRONTIER Training Course is to capacitate participants to localize and interpret the most common vascular morphological abnormalities found in mutant mice. This will occur in the context of dedicated learning sessions devoted to the study of blood and lymphatic vessels anatomy, and the methodologies (Dissection, Vascular injection, Corrosion, Transparentation, CT, MRI, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, etc.) used to visualize the mouse circulatory system. Lectures will be followed by practical sessions in which participants will demonstrate and analyze mouse vessels with different technologies. In addition to the theoretical and practical sessions, the course will include seminars where specific vascular abnormalities found in mutant mice will be discussed.

This course is intended for technicians and / or scientists working in the area of mouse phenotyping.

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